Krämer - Your independent field service provider

Quality, flexibility, professionalism and service

Compelling characteristics of our company's philosophy.

Our well-known clients and our 1.500 interviewers nationwide have made Krämer Market Research one of the leading field service institutes of Europe since its foundation in 1986.
Our clients include market research institutes as well as the marketing departments of large companies, advertising agencies, and consulting firms including companies in Germany, the rest of Europe, and America.

Opinions are like the people who voice them: various, direct, fleeting, influencable... and important.
Reliability, punctuality, individual care and competence are essential and are of the highest importance to us regarding our efforts to meet your needs and challenges and to provide you with conclusive results.

As a member of the ADM, BVM and ESOMAR, we are of course obligated to observe all relevant quality standards.
Cido Research, formerly EuroInterview, is your executive partner to representative researching of opinions, whether economically or scientifically.