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The Krämer Phonestudio in the overview

Münster (Germany)
Voxco und Survey System
140 CATI-stations, 2 predictive dialer, 55 Voxco/30 manual
approx. 600 including Native Speaker

at present up to 25,000 interviews per month (approx. 20% internationally; partly in 24/7-working periods)
Qualification: b-2-b, b-2-c, individually e.g. after target-group-specific adjustment


Cido Research: More than 600 own CATI-locations:

  • Münster: 150 stations, of those 80 home interviewer-places (remote); coverage of the following countries: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, parts of Eastern Europe, English speaking countries worldwide
  • Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and India: 165 stations. Coverage of the following countries: China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India
  • Toronto: 150 stations. Coverage of the following countries: USA, Canada
  • Costa Rica: 150 stations. Coverage of the following countries: Caribbean Islands, Central America, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and many more