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Cido Research - Company background

Three of the industry’s leading field organizations – Kramer Marktforschung (Europe), Acrobat Research (North America), and Cimigo (Asia/Pacific) – joined together to form Cido Research. The company is a global team of market research field specialists with cumulative experience extending back to 1986. With more than 100 research professionals, over 700 interviewing staff and 2,000+ people in distributed field teams, we’re one of the largest independent field research teams in the world. We’re the strategic long term partner of choice for leading market research practitioners. Our comprehensive data collection and operations services add value to our clients’ business offerings, allowing them to deliver insights and analytics more profitably and efficiently than ever before.




If something is to be done, it should be done right. Variables may change – geography, respondents, products or services – but your fieldwork is the foundation that leads to your insights. Bad data can only lead to bad decisions, but good data can lead to great ones.


Communication touches everything that we do as a company. Our objective is to be a key delivery partner for our clients, not just a supplier. Our project managers are single points-of-contact that act as conduits from our client to our infrastructure, and vice versa.


Ultimately, our business is based on delivering value to our clients. We take pride in our responsiveness, dedication and delivery of excellent service that lead to superior value. We are honest and open in our dealings and seek to build collaborative relationships based on trust and confidence. We listen to anticipate our customers’ needs so we can be proactive with solutions.


Local "Globalization"

From the 30,000 foot level, being “global” can be seen as being “local” to a lot of places. With offices and research experts in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia, we support our clients with local insights and expertise, balanced by our global vision. The result is a company that recognizes the need for global synergies and a consistent quality of brand experiences. Cido Research - About us - Our operating principles - Local globalizationWe will continue developing a successful international team that capitalizes on its synergies and shared knowledge. We will always learn from our international colleagues and allow each client’s personality to contribute to our culture and our identity. We will build and foster a culture of harmony, energy and positivity among our associates worldwide.